dan sweeney melbourne nkl kiteboarding 1st place win

NKL Freestyle Series – Melbourne 1st Place

Its contest time again. The National Kiteboarding League made its way to Melbourne for the second time and I was exited to be back riding in a competition format, it had felt like it had been a while.

Unfortunately my local buddy and top international rider Ewan Jaspen couldn’t make it due to date clashes, nevertheless the day was still packed with good times and an opportunity to push my riding.

I walked away with a 1st place in the open mens and a few new tricks that I’d not landed in contest before. Onto the next one…

Thank you to my sponsors rrd_international rrd_team #RRD#itsallride #rrdwetsuits #VW #Amarok #pod_active

dan sweeney melbourne nkl kiteboarding 1st place win

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