NEW VIDEO: RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil & Dolphin1 Kite Foil Board

This was a real exiting project. Working closely with RRD International with support from Aerial Vision Services and Mathieu Fouliard – the RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil and Dolphin Kite Foil Board was launched! Its safe to say the Hydrofoil Kiteboarding is kicking off strongly world wide… discover why for yourself!

Riders: Dan Sweeney and Mathieu Fouliard
Editing and voice-over: Dan Sweeney
Locations: Tahiti and Melbourne

Additional thanks and credit: Aerial Vision Services –
Pilot & Camera: Justin Zattelman

RRD H-Flight Hydrofoil & Dolphin1 Kite Foil Board from RRD International on Vimeo.

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