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Open up the doorway for immense possibility in your Kiteboarding with UNHOOKED V2. So, you’ve unhooking down, maybe a few railies and rotations, but where does it all come together? Join me in UNHOOKED V2. to get yourself prepared, confident and ready for your first arial based handle passes and blind side /wrapped tricks.

1. Introduction with Theory Session & Simulator

The introduction and theory session will have you get as mentally prepared and technically educated as possible before hitting the water and trying anything new. We’ll be covering the basics of Rigging and Tuning Techniques for unhooking, all the way up to and in between how to mange and execute your first rotation or blindside / handless based trick. We’ll also be using a simulator to get you completely comfortable with what it going to take.

2. Gear check

I’ll have you all rig your own gear before we hit the water and I’ll run through some key tuning points on each of your specific gear to have it performing as best as possible for you.

3. Expression session

Straight after our Into, theory, simulator and gear check we will be hitting the water for some fun and putting the theory learnt to practise. Before we start there will be a mandatory 10minute stretch /warm up session for your own health and further knowledge for injury prevention. Its an opportunity to show me your level and also give some new manoeuvres a go. Its not a test, nor a competition. Just an opportunity to learn.

4. Individual rider feedback

Each participant will receive detailed personal feedback based on their level and attempts to develop their riding. Whether it be a specific new trick or a technique. You’ll receive a detailed verbal action plan of how to develop your riding and move forward even more.

5. Lunch and drinks

The hard work is done, lunch is up and I’ll provide drinks and healthy meal for all participants.

6. Group development workshop

This is an opportunity to slow down after our big expression session before lunch. I’ll go into further detailed distinctions and progression points for the group focusing on the thing we are all after, nailing your unhooked tricks. Now is the time for big breakthroughs in your riding.

7. Closing photoshoot and feedback

Its the last big session for the day and one I’ll be capturing on my camera equipment. You’ll receive on the spot coaching for the last session while you are all nailing your new tricks. The final feedback is aimed to leave you with a clear direction of where to go next in terms of your riding progression.

Cost: $110.00 per person

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Class Trainer

Dan Sweeney

Since I can remember, my life has been all about watersports. I’ve spent the last...


Class Information

Certificate: Unhooked V2
TimeFrame: Wind Dependent
Time: 10am - 4pm