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Kiteboarding can be technical. Especially when it comes to equipment. Knowing the ins and outs of your products can give you a new realm of knowledge and understanding in Kiteboarding. Especially when it comes to your performance and the way your equipment performs for you and how it can work with or against you.

Join me for an afternoon of tech, tuning, understanding and self – help. Clinic includes multiple workshops:

  • Personal gear. Understand and optimise your personal products. E.g Harnesses and leashes.
  • Board optimisation – setup, stance, fins and board selection.
  • Bar and line tuning and optimisation.
  • Kite maintenance, rigging, repairs and optimisation.
  • Self-help tuning session after the workshop with my guidance.
  • Feel the difference Kite session.

There are no prerequisites for this clinic. However you’ll need to come prepared with a note book and your gear!

Cost: $75.00 per person

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Class Trainer

Dan Sweeney

Since I can remember, my life has been all about watersports. I’ve spent the last...


Class Information

Time: 12pm - 4pm
Certificate: Performance > Equipment
TimeFrame: TBC