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Foiling with a Kite has been around for a long time now. However its only just been made really accessible with the products on the market today. Waiting for wind can be frustrating, we are all busy but want to ride when we can. Learning to foil we double your water-time, easily. Its rewarding and the progression is non-stop.

It is however technical and can be frustrating when trying it on your own accord. This class is committed to you getting your first controlled flights on a foil and also developing your light wind skills – leaving you exited for the next day of 10knots! (I will provide the use of 3 foil set-ups / however its recommended you bring your own foil for maximum practise time.

1. Introduction and Theory Session

The Introduction and Theory session will to get you as mentally prepared and technically educated as possible before hitting the water and trying to foil. We’ll be covering the basics of light wind techniques, all the way up to and in between how to mange riding the foil fully for the first time.

2. Come fly with me

Straight after the intro and theory sessions, we will be hitting the water for some fun and putting your new knowledge to practise. Before we start there will be a mandatory 10minute stretch /warm up session for your own health and further knowledge for injury prevention. Then we will be sharing the foils we have – while taking turns. For an opportunity to further learn as a group. You can expect some laughter and fun for this part of the clinic.

3. Lunch and drinks

Lunch is up and I’ll provide drinks and a healthy barbecue for all participants.

4. Closing photoshoot and feedback

Its the last big session for the day and one I’ll be capturing on my camera equipment. You’ll receive on the spot coaching for the last session while you are all getting your first proper flights on the Foil and turns. The final feedback is aimed to leave you with a clear direction of where to go next in terms of your riding progression.

Cost: $99.00 per person

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Class Trainer

Dan Sweeney

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Class Information

Certificate: No Wind, No Problem
TimeFrame: Wind Dependent
Time: 10am - 4pm