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Do you have aspirations of riding in a contest? Maybe a State level event for fun, a National level event or perhaps you have goals beyond in achieving International success?

Join me at the first stop of the National Kiteboarding League for a specific Competition Seminar designed to have you ready and prepared for your first competition.

Competition riding and Free-riding are two different beasts altogether. The foundation of competition riding starts at a foundational level, your mindset and preparation fused together with consistent practise and your commitment to perform.

This class is dedicated to leave you educated and prepared to take your next steps to riding in your first contest if it be a local fun event or a National competition against the Nations best.

Key topics include:

  • Competition format & judging criteria.
  • Intentional training & effective development methods.
  • Physical preparation. (training off the water)
  • Equipment choice and preparation.
  • Contest mindset and mental training.
  • Competition heat practise.
  • Personal feedback & future action plan.

The class delivery will be 40% theory and 60% practical and you’ll be given course material / reminder notes.

Cost: $145.00 per person – Kiteboarding Australia  members receive $45 OFF of their tuition fee.

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Class Trainer

Dan Sweeney

Since I can remember, my life has been all about watersports. I’ve spent the last...


Class Information

Certificate: Competitions & Contest
Time: 11am - 4pm
TimeFrame: Wind Dependent