Dan Sweeney Kiteboarding Coaching Melbourne Australia - Why Choose Dan?

Why Choose Dan Sweeney Coaching?

Dan Sweeney’s coaching methods are one of a kind in the industry. Discover what it takes to achieve your Kiteboarding goals with Dan’s analytical learning and valuable feedback, to give you the access to unstoppable progression and breakthroughs. Dan is committed to taking you where you dream of in your Kiteboarding.

Video analysis

See how its done and understand whats stopping you getting it done. Video analysis is a critical tool in Professional coaching and Dan is equipped with the latest DSLR and POV camera equipment for your analysis feedback.

Rider assessment & foundational feedback

Private sessions and Clinics start with an assessment and foundation feedback to help you understand where you are at in relation to your goals. You’ll gain valuable distinctions to improve your foundation techniques and speed up your learning process.

Live demos & expert understanding

Dan has the knowledge not just through observing, but doing, at an elite level. Dan is still at the peak of his Professional Riding and is one of the only Coaches in the world with the skills, qualifications and communication skills to get you to where you want to be.

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Defending Champ

Winning the Victorian State titles for the second time running was a goal I had set immediately after winning the 2014 event I had entered. It was a tough content but the training paid off. However, the Tabuhan Island PRO event in Bali was another demon all together, I battled against PKRA Junior World Champion Christian Tio and Asian Champion Yo for the event win and came out victorious. By far the toughest content I’ve entered. I learnt many things from that event.
  • Victoria Mens Freestyle Champion
  • Tabuhan Island Mens Pro Champion

Against Australia’s Best

Once I had settled into the Melbourne lifestyle I had the opportunity to compete against Australia’s best Freestyle Kiteboarders at the 2014 Kiteboarding Nationals and State title events. I was highly driven for success and had been training hard on and off the water for quite some time.
  • Victoria Mens Freestyle Champion
  • Australia Mens Freestyle Champion
  • Australia Youth Freestyle Champion
Relocation to Melbourne, Australia to train and work in the industry with Cabrinha

Relocation to Melbourne

An opportunity I could not turn down. To work in the industry for the brand I kicked off my career with and love, Cabrinha. All within living at one of the worlds premier Kiteboarding locations.
  • Sales Specialist at SHQ Boardsports
  • Cabrinha Pro Rider
RRD UK Kite Sales & Team Manager

RRD UK Kite Sales & Team Manager

Fresh out of college, the start of 2011 was another dream come true. I secured a contract with RRD UK to take on the role of UK Kite Sales and Team manager while under the wing of SeaSprite Director, Wouter Ardern. I was competing in 4 major events from different corners of the UK while I ran demos and clinics at the UK tour stops. This year was a major learning curve and an opportunity to develop a professional portfolio in the industry not only as an athlete. I’m the first rider to win all UK Professional Mens division competitions, back to back - in the end giving me the British Freestyle Pro Championships title.
  • Round 1 / 1st Place
  • Round 2 / 1st Place
  • Round 3 / 1st Place
  • Round 4 / 1st Place

Training in Paradise

In 2010 I spent weeks on an over extended trip to Limnos, Greece for the summer at SurfClubKeros. I continuously extended my plane ticket, this place was just too good to leave. Cabrinha sent me over to participate in the Limnos event to represent and support the organisers with judging for the main event. I entered the big air portion of the competition and bought home 1st place. I was able to live and train in paradise everyday in the perfect conditions Keros had to offer. I also coached, daily 1-1 private sessions with the local greeks to progress there Kiteboarding further.
  • Limnos Big Air / 1st Place
BKSA Junior Champion

BKSA Junior Champion

This was most defiantly a year to remember. New equipment, support and the opportunity to really start developing my career. It worked like clockwork with support from friends and family to get me all over the UK to these events. 2009 was a year to remember.
  • Cabrinha Youth Empire Athlete Award
  • BKSA Junior Champion
Cabrinha Founder
Dan’s been a tremendous asset to the brand since he joined us in 2009. He’s an outstanding rider and proven coach.
Pete Cabrinha
Cabrinha Founder
Outstanding people skills combined with his incredible ability to simply and effectively explain what I had to do was, I believe, why I was up and riding within 3 hours. I couldn't be happier. Kiteboarding is now a huge part of my life and I can't thank Dan enough for all the incredible support.
Jack Grover
The Kite Show
I’ve been taught and coached a lot since I starting Kiteboarding. However, with Dan I’ve excelled and gained results I never thought were possible. He’s got the experience, communication skills and ability. Ultimately I trust his teaching and I will continue to push to progress with Dan. I also love the fact I get professional images and videos from my sessions.
Craig Sawyer
The Kite Show
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