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Unique and original specialised Kiteboarding tuition and classes developed by DSC. Get a taste for how these sessions are run and understand what is covered and included. One thing is for sure, DSC is committed to you acheiving the breakthroughs you want during your selected class.



You’ll do what you have to do, to be there. But, best to be organised. Find out when a class is running near you and how to keep updated on scheduled events. Some are wind dependant, others are not. Events will help you organise your schedule around the classes you wish to attend.

About DS Coaching

Why should DSC be your number one specialist coach? Here is why and get an understanding to who you'd become taking on coaching from Dan.

Learn from the best

Master your Kiteboarding desires with a Professional who’s trained and committed to your development.

Unique and original learning

Knowing how to do stuff is great. But what actually gets you the results you want? DSC has tried and tested unique and original coaching methods that will have you excelling fast.

Video Analysis

See how its done and understand whats stopping you getting it done. Video analysis is a critical tool in Professional coaching and DSC is equipped with the latest DSLR and POV camera equipment for your analysis feedback.

Rider assessment & foundational feedback

Private sessions and Clinics start with an assessment and foundation feedback to help you understand where you are at in relation to your goals. You’ll gain valuable distinctions to improve your foundation techniques and speed up your learning process.

Group classes or private coaching

The opportunity is all yours to either meet like minded Kiteboarders who will excel and have a great time together. Or maybe you want a private, tailored, 1-1 Coaching session. Its your choice.

Live demos and expert understanding

DSC has the knowledge not just through observing, but doing, at an elite level. Dan is at the peak of his Professional Riding and is one of the only Coaches in the world with the skills, qualifications and communication skills to get you to where you want to be.


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Connect with me either online, via phone or in person.

Phone : 0404 630 040
Email : dan@dscoaching.com.au
Address: 81 Beach Road, Sandringham, Vic 3191


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Our calendars are usually full of work commitments and tasks right? How would yours look with some dedicated development time with DSCoaching Events and classes scheduled in? Pretty exiting right…





Megaloop Clinic

Megaloop Clinic

Join me on a discovery of high wind performance in this specialised Megaloop clinic.

Unhooked V2

Unhooked V2

Open up the doorway of inevitable possibility in your Kiteboarding with UNHOOKED V2.